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About Stephen Weatherly

My name is Stephen, and I want to talk to you about my journey to start saving more money. I was always pretty liberal with my money, meaning that I could make pretty decent justifications for why I needed to buy something the minute I had the urge to buy it. Luckily I never had a lot of debt, but I did like to spend. I want-ed to try and save enough money to do some traveling, but I couldn’t manage to save the spending money that I would need in order to really enjoy my travels. Finally I knew that I needed to make some changes to my routine spending.

If you want to start saving more money this blog is for you. Everyone has a different budget and different priorities that have to come first in their budget. Saving money is really about making sure you pay for your major responsibilities first and then learning how to save what you have left over. I always found things that I wanted to use my extra money for. I realized that the only way I’d ever have the money to travel would be to kick my impulse spending and devote myself to my goals. Follow the blog and learn more about how to save the smart way.